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               H.O.P.E.  for A Stronger Community

Heal Racial Tensions-
Oppose Domestic Abuse & Drug Abuse-
Promote Public Safety-
Expand Healthcare and Education Funding-

I come from a Middle Income Family that understood the value of a dollar and appreciated hard work.  My father managed low income housing apartments in the city before retiring and fulfilling his dream of owning a business.  My mother was a counselor in the public school system for over 35 years after which she too became self-employed doing consultant work.  In their separate professions, both my parents expressed the importance of community in the development of people. They stated that the impact of a concerned and caring community is immeasurable in the life of a person.  This is why my parents each in their own way fought so hard to build strong communities. Considering the challenges that face the family and our society today, this district needs someone who can relate to their concerns, voice them loudly, and work tirelessly to build a stronger community.

Healing Racial Tensions

Differences do not equate to divisions. Considering tragedies in South Carolina over the years, our State needs new servant-minded leaders to step up to bring our State together for positive change. Our coming together must be seen as essential. Only together, can we build a stronger community. My clarion call is to work within our diversity to bring about unity, believing that community is impossible without unity. We must no longer see unity as an option or alternative.  I am ready to boldly step into South Carolina’s leadership desideratum to provide the unity that our district and state so desperately needs.

Opposing Domestic Abuse & Drug Abuse

As a pastor who offers spiritual guidance to church members and community members alike, I have witnessed the effects of drug abuse and domestic abuse on families.  The pain and symptoms associated with these two issue are often hidden but the effects are also detrimental if not deadly. This is why providing resources to help families with these taboo issues will be a priority in my efforts to build a stronger community.

Promoting Public Safety

Public Safety and police interactions have become a hot button issue in our nation over the last few years.  It is my belief that community policing and citizen accountability will lead to greater trust between law enforcement officers and the law abiding citizens that want to support them. We must see the humanity in all people.  Helping officers to see the humanity in suspects and helping citizens to see the humanity of our brave men and women that wear the uniform will be a priority. I will work to ensure better legislation concerning consistency in practices, policies, and procedures in order that those who have taken oath to protect and serve will be seen as protectors and not persecutors.

Expanding Healthcare

As a healthcare provider and father of four, I know firsthand how expensive healthcare and insurance has become.  I have heard with my own ears when people and patients state that they are unable to afford healthcare insurance due to the rising cost.  Equally, I have heard too many say that they were unable to pay medical bills.  The reality is that no family can financially afford NOT to have health insurance. Major illnesses and unpaid medical bills ruin families’ financial futures faster than most anything else. This is why I will fight for the expansion of Medicaid benefits in our state. I will also work to provide resources for preventive healthcare measures to relieve the strangle hold that healthcare cost has on the finances of the average family.

& Education Funding

As the son of an educator and counselor, I value education and the role that our school system plays in shaping the society of tomorrow.  Advocating for conflict resolution and cultural sensitivity training/inclusion in the curriculum is one of my long term goals.  Having worked as a substitute teacher after college, I have a great appreciation for the wonderful work that our teachers do in conjunction with parents. Through legislation, I believe that properly funding our school systems and readdressing  the role of school resource officers in school districts will ensure that quality education is a priority for the future.

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